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Style Tip: Getting the most of your suit

Style Tip: Getting the most of your suit

A common mistake that most men fall victim to is not wearing a suit to its full potential. Every guy (pretty much) knows how to wear a suit for business purposes, however; your suit can be appreciated beyond the boardroom. To get the most out of your suit, find ways to break up the pieces into a variety of looks. Once your closet is stocked with “normal” business suits, step outside of the your comfort zone and grab a bold suit that will look great as separate pieces.

Blazer with Shorts

Blue Oxford by Izod


Tassel Loafers by Johnston Murphy | Cotton Blazer by H&M

A great way to mix up your suit is to wear the blazer with shorts. You will need to consider the fabric of your blazer when you decide to pair it with shorts. A cotton or linen blazer compliments a shorts look the best because of the texture of the blazer. Since you are not wearing pants take into account the length of your blazer. You will want to make sure your blazer isn’t too long, to avoid looking like you are wearing “daisy dukes”.

Shades by AJ Morgan | Bracelets by Aldo

Mix Up For Work

Suede Loafers by Mercanti Fiorentini | Canvas Bag by J.Fold
Shades by OC Shades "Beckon" | Suit Pants by H&M | Knit tie by Club Room

Of course you will still need to go to work, so why not bring your bold suit to the office with you. In order to still appear “work-appropriate” and not over power your pants, pair the pants with a navy blazer. Your pants will add a flair to your look, however; your blue blazer tones down what would be considered a loud pair of pants.
Quick Tips:

  • An unlined blazer will give the look a carefree air and still appear professional
  • A bold pattern pant in a muted color works the best because they will not stand out too much to be seen as an eye sore.
  • Even though your suit is cotton you should still make sure that the fit is tailored like your wool suits.

T-Shirt & Suit

Flip Flops by J.Crew
Pocket Square by Merona | Watch by Timex | Watchband by J.Crew

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Since your suit is already bold as hell, it’s time to dress it down with a t-shirt and flip flops. Summer time will leave you with less options on how to wear most suits, however; a cotton or linen suit pairs great with more casual shirts. Most style critics will say that wearing flops with a suit is a sin, but, when you keep the flops simple the look will work.

Quick Tips:

  • If you are wearing flip flops at any time in the summer make sure your toes have been cleaned up (pedicure) and moisturized
  • A form fitting v-neck t-shirt is the perfect option for your bold cotton suit
  • It’s okay to push up your sleeves on a cotton/linen blazer, just make sure you get them pressed the next time you decide to wear it to work.



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