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Playing Rugby (Or Just Playing)

Playing Rugby (Or Just Playing)

An Adult at Play

Recently, American Apparel released their classic Rugby shirt. Over the past 3-4 years, many companies have been releasing  this particular style of rugby polo shirt ranging is price and quality. If you are familiar with the sport of Rugby, you know that the physicality of the sport is very extreme. Since the rugby polo is a part of the rugby uniform, one would guess they are pretty tough and could be worn day to day by the average guy. If you are a guy that does not really like to dress up but still wants to look fairly presentable when out with friends or on a date, a layered ruby shirt combo maybe the perfect style piece for you.

Oxford Shirt by Izod
Safari Jacket by HM

The Collar

The contrast white collar of this rugby shirt provides the “wearer” with a few style characteristics;

  • Adds a pop of color to the red and blue color blocking
  • Frames your face very well
  • Draws attention away from your mid-section of your torso (in case this is a problem area)

The Accessories:

  • Belt by Banana Republic
  • Watch by Goer (Ebay from Hong Kong)
  • Watch Band by J.Crew
  • Wood Bead Bracelet by Aldo
  • Leather Bracelet by J.Crew

If you decide to do color blocking with primary colors, specifically a red and blue combination, use deep earth toned  accessories like my brown bracelets. To anchor your accessories, you can use colors that fall into the same family as the deepest color in your outfit (blue/white watchstrap).

Recently, I wore this look to work with a blue blazer and it went over well. Since I work at university the style mixed well with the collegiate atmosphere. Mobility is something that is a key factor for me in determining whether I will purchase an item of clothing. Sometimes you will need to run for that bus, cab, or to get the attention of that girl that passes you everyday and you finally want to ask her out. The rugby polo has a tailored fit, but, stretches well to move with you.

Cotton Plaid Pants by Banana Republic
May's GQ Magazine |Johnston & Murphy Tassel Oxblood Loafer

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Taking a Break

Your entire day shouldn’t be consumed with work (even though work never stops). Grab a seat in some grass and pull out your favorite magazine for a few minutes. The watch that I am wearing is my primary watch that I picked up from Ebay. The best part about this watch is that it is not from a major brand, however; it goes well with most things because I change the straps often depending on what I am wearing. This watch is featured in the early pictures of this post with a cotton band.

The Hydrant

Don’t attempt without a spotter (Haha)
Probably Illegal

 Walking Home. Game Time is Over

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