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The Linen Suit : Part I – The Waistcoat

The Linen Suit : Part I – The Waistcoat

Green Knit Tie by Clubroom

Linen Suit Separates:

The weather has broken and I was inspired by a recent GQ spread to pick up a linen suit. When I picked up this linen suit I wanted to it to be one that I could wear to work and for play. When you think linen suit you may picture white sands and beach parties. When selecting a linen suit that you will want to use for more practical applications (ie, work, parties, and casual wear) there are a few details that you will want keep in mind:

  • The fit should be tailored. Many linen suit are box cut and do not form well to the body. These are the typical linen suit you will see men at their beach wedding
  • Select a color that does not look to “vacationy”. Grab a navy, black or deep grey suit this will help with having this suit transition from work to play without looking out of place.
Linen Waistcoat by HM | Cashmere and Wool Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson

Side Note: Pink and green are great complimentary colors. I believe for a man you should use both colors together sparingly. Pick up this pocket square at (it’s called Fruit Salad).

The Linen WaistCoat:

I will start to introduce you all to my love of waistcoats in coming posts. People often ask what is the difference between a waistcoat and a vest and to better help here is what makes the two standout:

  • A waistcoat is typically apart of a three-piece suit
  • a vest can bulletproof, puffy and or used in hunting situations
  • Waistcoat has formal qualities and informal quality in dress that a vest does not usually possess (not always 100%)

The texture of  linen mixes well with denim because they are both coarse fabrics. Using a waistcoat is definitely a piece to pull out that can dress up a casual look. A linen waistcoat is a great option especially for the spring and summer because it is very light in weight.

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Check back for most post on the Linen Suit.



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