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Thrifted Part I: Braces Cords and Tweed

Thrifted Part I: Braces Cords and Tweed

At work: Brown Brogued Wingtips by Aldo | Wool Socks by Gap | Tan Cords by Tommy Hilfiger |Contrast Collar Shirt by H&M | Braided Leather Braces thrifted Ebay | Knit tie by Club Room | Tie Bar by Alfani

As you may know I am someone who believes that you can find great clothing at not so expensive prices. Also, I believe that it is more than okay to purchase things second-hand via a thrift store or Ebay. Honestly, if there is a day that I don’t wear something purchased from Ebay or thrifted I couldn’t count them on my hand. Recently, I found these thrifted leather braided braces on Ebay for about $10 which is a steal. Without going overboard on the grandfather or Michael Douglas “Wall Street” look, leather braces are a great alternative to the traditional nylon or satin style. Technically, I am not wearing a belt, however; my leathers (shoes, braces and watch) still match, which is important. Instead of going with a billowing contrast collar, old school banker type shirt, slimming down the collar and the fit of the shirt will help your overall look.


The weather outside is still a bit chilly and corduroy pants are definitely keeping me warm this year. Tommy Hilfiger makes  some great, slim fit cords that run about $20 at Macy’s and there are a great wealth of looks that can be spun from them. On those days that you want to still be “dressed up” for work but don’t want to suit up, a pair of slim fit cords can fill that in-between style gap well.

  • Go with some detail in your socks but keep them warm in this winter weather. These striped socks from the Gap pack a punch with the mix of bold color and wool patterns.
  • Brown Brogued Oxfords have become my most versatile shoe because they go well with cords, wools suits and denim.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your cords right at the beginning of spring when the days are somewhat warm and the nights are chilly. Throw on a pair of drivers, loafers or canvas lace up sneakers and have hell of a night.
About to Step out into the Cold: Tweed Jacket by Tivoli (Thrifted) | Leather Gloves Thrifted | Navy Cord by Tommy Hilfiger | Griffin Crest Tie by Lands End Canvas | Shirt by Club Room | Cardigan by HM | Canvas Laptop Case Thrifted via Ebay



Tweed is a quintessential fabric in the “Prep” world as well as cords (corduroy), so when you combine the two you might be “Prepped” out. The rich brown base color of this jacket is highlighted by the flecks of navy and orange thread though-out the pattern giving an added level of detail to the jacket. By layering like this, you will avoid wearing one extremely heavy piece  and not feel bulky.

I’ve gone with this canvas bag for over a year now, even though I love my leather bag from Kenneth Cole. Canvas bags are lighter, very strong, and can take a beating without showing too much wear. One great thing about having a canvas bag along with this look is that is compliments the “prep” style perfectly with being too “matchy”.


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