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MSP Dopest: Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers

MSP Dopest: Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers

2020 is the summer of… to be honest, this is just the summer of trying to stay alive and healthy. But, now we’ve venturing back out into the world and we can wear real shoes again. And, not just our house slippers and slides (I love my slides right now though).

Take this as an opportunity to step into the sneaker game and potentially out of your comfort zone. Experimenting with color, shape and unique design details are the biggest footwear moves of summer 2020 (beside just going barefoot everywhere). That’s why, we’ve selected the Daybreak sneaker in collaboration with Undercover & Nike.

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers

Daybreak Sneakers – Undercover x Nike (available at Stadium Goods $165 to $390)

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Famed Japanese designer of Undercover, Mr. Jun Takahashi, has a series of collaborations with Nike that have gained cult like collectors status. With the Daybreak, Nike’s 80’s staple sneaker got a funky update from Takahashi. Featuring a mix of monochromatic and vibrant colorways and the addition of a weirdly-cool plastic heel clip, the collab version of the Daybreak sneaker is essentially a streetwear kick from the future.

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With UNDERCOVER – Jun Takahashi written on the outsole, we can’t deny the “Off-White” vibes that have permeated all of streetwear culture.

Dopest Details

  • The retro-sleek silhouette bucks the trend of the chunky sneaker. Making them versatile enough to style with tapered pants or wear with denim
  • Comfort is king and these kicks feel amazing right out the box
  • The bright yellow, grey and black colorway is perfect for summer
  • The plastic heel clip makes the shoe look fast, gives it a futuristic feel and is a unique update to the classic 80’s sneaker
Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers
Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers
Undercover x Nike Daybreak Sneakers

Let us know what you think of these sneakers in the comments below!

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