MSP Bee HingePop Phone Holder


  • MSP Bee Design
  • Size – 1.74 inches x 0.41 inches (44 x 11mm)
  • 3M Adhesive
  • Use as a grip for phones & tablets
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MSP Bee HingePop custom phone grip has been crafted to securely adhere to the back of any phone, tablet, or smooth phone case utilizing an ultra-strong, pressure sensitive, 3M adhesive gel, that bonds almost instantly with no drying time. Its dual-hinge design provides a secure grip for taking one-handed photos, texting on-the-go, or video-chatting; and, when fully extended, the HingePop functions as a handy stand to watch videos hands-free. You will love the ergonomic grooves that comfortably fit fingers of any size. When not in-use, the HingePop conveniently collapses to fit flat in your pocket.

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