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The Black Double Breasted Suit Part III

The third and final installment of the Black Double-Breasted Suit feature brings in a familiar menswear item — the denim shirt.


Men's Style Pro in Oliver Wicks Black Double Breast Suit

Custom Premium Black Double Breasted Suit – Oliver Wicks | Black Double Monk Strap Shoes – Johnston & Murphy | Denim Shirt – H&M | Green Sea Dragon Watch – Zodiac Watch (via hook+Albert) | Blue Handkerchief – hav-a-hank


You might be reading this and thinking to yourself, did #MSPBlackSuitWeek carry over to the next week — the answer is YES. It was one hell of a busy week last week. We saw two looks with the Oliver Wicks double-breasted suit and 3 looks from the Ministry of Supply Aviator 2 suit. But, I still wanted to give you one more look with this double-breasted suit.

Let’s be real, you’ve taken the risk by going full double-breasted and you’re content with keeping it simple. Even though there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple especially with a suit, some of your favorite & rugged pieces can give your suit an expected personality. Case in point, the addition of the blue denim suit to this look.

  • Committing to the unrefined: Yes, you can find a regular, tailored button denim shirt that’s highly refined from just about any major brand. But, a tattered denim shirt can be just the casual piece to break up the formality of this suit while not stepping into completely casual
  • The Blue & Black Relationship: rich blues & black complement each very well. Think of this as a day-to-night transition look & color combo
  • Ditch The Tie: keep it loose. Most western-style denim shirt have white or brown horn buttons that can replace your traditional neck tie

Men's Style Pro in Oliver Wicks Black Double Breast Suit

Men's Style Pro in Oliver Wicks Black Double Breast Suit

Men's Style Pro in Oliver Wicks Black Double Breast Suit

Photography by Marina T. Peele

Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director of Men's Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the "5 Best Dressed Men In America" by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as #GQFall 2013 Best Dressed Man. As of 2014, Sabir serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ Magazine & GQ Report. Outside of that partnership, Sabir serves as an independent brand consultant as well. Reach me directly at SABIR@MENSSTYLEPRO.COM

  • DJ Hargrave

    Black and blue is such a rich combo for both tailored and casual looks. That watch is something serious too!

    DJ | Menswear Enthusiast

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