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Summer Kicks Series: Rist’s Navy Leather Wynwood Low Tops
RIST's Navy Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers

Early this spring, MSP introduced you to the luxury sneaker brand RIST. After a successful Kickstarter campaign this June, they’re set to release their debut line this September. After some deliberation & some enthusiastic brand outreach, I scooped up a pair of the Wynwood’s in navy blue before the line drops to the public. It’s honest to say, these kicks have been well received by people on the street and might be one of my favorite pair of sneakers that I worn in quite some time. 

RIST Wynwood Navy Sneakers

Navy Blue Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers  – RIST | Custom Essential Navy Blue Pants – Indochino | Navy Blue & White Dotted Shirt – H&M | Green Sea Dragon Timepiece – Zodiac x Hook+albert | Grey Fade 502 SunglassesTrue Vintage Revival

There’s a laundry list of details that make the Wynwood sneakers one hell of a “must cop” pair of kicks to add to your wardrobe. Here are my top 4 reason they made the MSP Kicks Of Summer list;

  • Leather Quality/Fit: these two characteristic go hand-in-hand. High quality calf leather outers & tan leather lining make for a sturdy pair of sneakers. Unlike most leather sneakers, the structured integrity of the shoe’s shape is never compromised. All of this together makes for a shoe that continually hugs the foot and never loses its sleek silhouette
  • They’re Essentially A Formal Sneaker: with a style that’s reminiscent of a whole-cut Oxford shoe, but, all the trapping of a traditional sneaker – these sneakers are chameleon-like in their approach to style. Rock them with a suit, jeans or shorts and they’ll be as refined as all your tailored pieces and they’ll dress up your casual gear
  • Clean Design: when brands have trended toward the “flashy” low top sneaker with colors that would blow out your retinas, it’s refreshing to find a cleanly tailor sneaker that’s unassuming. With a plain white sole, you’re really able to appreciate the rich and deep navy blue hue of the leather
  • The Gold Details: the subtle addition of gold tip laces & gold cutout on the heel gives a subtle nod to modern-style and breaks away from what could have been a monotonous sneaker

RIST's Navy Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers

RIST's Navy Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers

RIST's Navy Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers

RIST's Navy Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers

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RIST's Navy Leather Wynwood Low Top Sneakers


Check out the mural in the header picture by Philly-based artist, Gabe Tiberino.

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele @CantWinklefty

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