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Hues Of Brown & Blue With The Double-Breasted Brown Suit
Imparali Double Breasted Brown Suit on Men's Style Pro

The spring color palette is typically filled with pastel, neon and soft washed-out color. This spring, think about digging into your fall color wheel and start rocking hues of blue & brown (together of course). No matter if you’re headed to the office or to the bar, the blue & brown color palette will give your look(s) a richness that’s more than seasonal — it’s essential. This post features a custom, 140’s wool nail-head, double-breasted suit by Imparali (I also model on their site – déjà vu). 

Getting the most out of any suit is key and these three looks should give you some inspiration to pulling off one of this season’s biggest color trends. 

 Full Suited & (Blue) Suede Booted 

Imparali Double Breasted Brown Suit on Men's Style Pro

140’s Wool Nail Head Brown Custom Double-Breasted Suit – Imparali | Wool Striped Tie – Thomas Pink | Custom Denim Cutaway Collar Shirt – Indochino | Blue Suede Chukka Boots – | Blue Bandana Pocket Square – A.C. Moore 

The idea of donning a full brown suit, often conjure up images of Al Bundy or something from Death of a Salesman. The key to finding an appealing brown suit are these four things – color, pattern, fit & texture. I went with a double-breasted suit with wide peak lapel because I wanted something with some punch — in regard to details,  on an otherwise muted suit.


If you’re looking for a versatile brown suit that you can wear to work or pretty much anywhere, go with a dark brown. When pairing with blues, deep indigo brings out the truly brown/red undertones. Button color choice is a case of personal preference. If you plan to wear your suit with black shoes, opt for dark brown or black buttons. Light horn buttons add a bit more dimension & depth to the suit. 

Pattern & Texture

Adding some depth to your brown suit is essential if you want to get the most out of it. Thinking of pattern first, if you’re not a novice and like to take style risks, a plaid brown suit might be up your alley. Since most guys aren’t sartorial beasts, you might want to focus on a non-patterns suit with some texture. If you look closely, this suit is a nail head wool — which gives the suit that dotted texture. Another option would be to try a birdseye wool fabric. It give a similar affect, but, it’s a little flatter.


With any suit, tailoring is key, however; with a brown suit it’s even more essential. If the suit is cut too large, you’ll literally look like a sack of potatoes. Focus on tailoring the torso of you jacket to give your waist some definition. Shortening the overall length with give your jacket a modern/sporty feel.

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Lose The Tie & Drop Your Pants 

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

 140’s Wool Double-breast custom suit jacket – Imparali | Navy Denim Shirt – Indochino | Blue Bandana Pocket Square – A.C. Moore | White Twill Chinos – Uniqlo | Needle Point Inka Slipper – Axel Arigato | Custom Tokyo Tortoise Sunglasses – Lookmatic 

Here’s a great way to cheat the system by creating a whole new look by using the same top-half from your fully suited look.  Loosen up a bit, ditch the tie and undo the top three buttons. The twist – swap out your suit pants for a pair of white chinos or off-white denim jeans.

Don’t be afraid to add some punch to the look with a funky pair of kicks. If slippers don’t really do it for you, think about swapping in an amped up canvas or leather low-top sneaker or loafer. 

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

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Waist Coats & Band Collars 

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Custom Nailhead Waist Coat & Pants – Imparali (available online) | Bit Loafers – Jay Butler (available online) | Contrast Band Collar Oxford Shirt – Gap (available online) 

As a general rule of thumb in suit, if you can afford a three-piece (especially if you’re going custom), get the three-piece suit! The style possibilities are endless and during the warmer months when it’s too hot for a suit jacket — you’ll be able to rock a matching waist coat and pants and stay cool. 

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Imparali Brown Nailhead Double-Breast Suit

Millbank Bit Loafer by Jay Butler

Photography: Marina T. Peele

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