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The American Rake: Boots & Shadow Plaid Ted Baker Tweed Suit 3 Ways
Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

There’s no mistaking it, I’m not British! Even though, I know my wife would love it if I had the suave accent! Growing up, I’ve always had a strong affinity for British men’s style. May be it’s my James Bond fascination or my appreciation of classic Saville Row tailoring because I’m subconsciously drawn to menswear haberdashers from across the pond.   

One brand that embodies the British rakishness that has made the leap to the US is Ted Baker. This summer I had the opportunity to serve as a brand ambassador for Ted Baker, when they were opening their King of Prussia Mall location and have really fallen for the whimsical details that brand infuses into every piece. I recently picked up one of their three-piece, shadow plaid suits and styled it three different ways– all with boots. Below are some style tips for executing these looks and some reasons to give boots a chance with your winter weight suits.

Broken-In Boots & Leather Jackets

Ted  Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

Shadow Plaid Waist Coat & Pants – Ted Baker USA (available at King Of Prussia Mall – Philly) | Black Cotton Henley – Forever 21 | Gold Framed Aviators – James Dean Eyewear | Wingtip Boots – Ritano | Gold Watch – Peugeot 

Rocking a pair of broken-in boots with a suit adds a bit of badass character to your look. When you take a pair of boots with classic menswear details, like a wingtip and beat the hell out of them — the end result is a refreshing pairing.

Style Tips For Rocking Broken-In Boots w/ Suits

  • This is a prime opportunity to rock your suit in a non-suited way. Pair a henley and leather jacket with your waist coat & pants — leave the suit jacket at home
  • Give your boots a shine! Don’t look broken-in reflect a “I don’t give a damn” attitude
  • For this particular suit, opting for black boots complements the dark blue of the suit and adds some rock star flair

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

The “Business” Three Piece

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

Three Piece Shadow Plaid Wool Suit – Ted Baker (at King Of Prussia Mall) | Wool Herringbone Tie – Uniqlo | Denim Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt – Twillory | Guillaume II Boots – Cobbler Union

Pulling off the three-piece suit at work can often throw guys a curve ball. Is it too much? Am I peacocking? Does my boss know that I’m stuntin’ on him? Or, are people appreciating this dope fabric? Maybe the last two questions are a pipe dream, but, you can definitely get away with donning this three-piece because of the understated shadow plaid pattern. To complete the look, add a crisp & sleek brown dress boot. 

Style Tips For Three Piece Suit w/ Dress Boots

  • Remember, if you’re wearing this look to work it should be refined. Keep the broken-in boots in the closet and grab a pair of sleek lace-ups
  • A brown boot will give off the same vibe as your traditional Oxford shoe when paired with a suit. The blue hues of this suit are warmed up by the brown boots
  • To make this look work appropriate, keep the look muted. A complementary dark tie in a similar fabric as the suit adds some continuity to the look

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

The Pilot Jacket & Chelsea Boots 

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

 Fur Collar G-1 Pilot Jacket – Cockpit USA | Navy Fine Gauge Turtleneck Sweater – Uniqlo | Hannigan Black Chelsea Boots – Johnston & Murphy | Gold Framed Aviators – James Dean Eyewear 

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What makes a tweed suit so special? The ability to break up the pieces and wear them individually. Since the fabric has a natural nap & texture, adding a leather jacket & Chelsea boots refines the look. 

Style Tips For Chelsea Boots & Tweed Suit Break Up

  • Boots always look better with a pair of pants that are cuffed. The weight of the cuff complements the size of the boots
  • The Chelsea boot works well completely suited and with a mixed casual look like this one. When dressing casually, use the Chelsea boots to dress up the look
  • Complement your leathers. Black boots, black leather jacket

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

Ted Baker Wool Plaid Suit On Men's Style Pro

Photography: Marina T. Peele @Cantwinklefty



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  • I love the first look but I just wished that you wore the leather jacket instead of just holding it in your hand.

    As for look 3, while it makes sense for the jacket and boots to be of the same color family, a black leather jacket can go with pretty much anything, I believe. There’s quite a nice contrast going on if you pair the black leather jacket with some cognac/light brown leather shoes. Somehow, even chocolate works decently with the jacket. And having a brown belt ties the whole look together. My two cents on black leather jacket w/ brown shoes: provided you have a brown belt, you’re copacetic.

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