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Shoe Brands To Watch: Awl & Sundry Online Custom Footwear
Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes

Awl & Sundry, the online custom footwear retailer, recently launched their site and it has been well-received throughout the web. I’m always fascinated by the online custom process, especially in regard to footwear. That being said, I took some time to dig around the site to put together a few pairs for shoes. Before you decide to try your hand at creating your own pair, I’ve created a video tutorial of my experience building a pair of shoes via

Site Review

  • The site is rather intuitive in regard to the user experience. There weren’t so many shoe options or details that would make the process overwhelming
  • At this moment the shoe selection is limited to four styles (Oxford, Derby, Monk and Loafer)
  • Within each style, there are customization option for silhouette, materials, stitch and monogramming
  • A few the detail options that I hope to see soon are tassels and kilties (primarily for loafers)
  • Also, the addition of boots would be a major plus
  • You can build a shoe and save your design before you decide to purchase them
  • Currently, only shipping in the US (but, I’m sure there are plans for expansion)
  • Regular prices for your Calf Plain, Calf Grain & Calf Suede is $350
  • When you add exotic materials like Alligator or Ostrich the price will increase to around $600


Below are some screen shots of the site for your review, however; be sure to watch the video above to see the process in action


Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.15.36 AM


Awl & Sundry Site Layout


Awl & Sundry Site Layout


Awl & Sundry Site Layout

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Awl & Sundry Site Layout

Be sure to visit to design pair of custom shoes just for you and let us know what you think.



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