One of my favorite brands for leathers goods is Logan Zane NY. Personally, I have a leather lunch bag and a business card holder from Logan Zane that I use daily. This year, Logan Zane teamed up with well-known haberdasher The Brooklyn Circus to present, the Camo Leather iPad Case (which they unveiled at PROJECT NYC). Don’t think of this as your typical iPad carry-all. The Logan Zane x BKc, camo leather iPad case, mimics the look of a manilla envelope that you will typically use for inter-office mailings at your place of work. Not only is this iPad case functional, but, it will be one hell of a conversation piece when people set their eyes on it.

You do want to be the guy that just carries his iPad (or other tablet) under his arm like a newspaper, but, you don’t want a carrying case the looks like a purse. The Logan Zane x BKc, camo patterned, leather iPad case adds a bit of “bad-ass” to your technological carrier, so you don’t just look like the, “I have an iPad guy”. You can purchase one of these iPad cases from The Brooklyn Circus. Logan Zane will be launching their e-commerce store very soon, but, you can still check out their merchandise and other press via

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Sabir M. Peele

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