Weekending with Johnston and Murphy Loafers

Weekending with Johnston and Murphy Loafers

Taking the weekend by storm, I still find time throw on my Johnston & Murphy Burgundy Aristocraft tassle leather loafers. I know to say the entire name of these shoes may be a mouthful, but these are by far the best loafers I have had the pleasure of wearing. You all might be saying, “it’s the weekend, why don’t you throw on a pair of sneakers?”  When your loafers are as comfortable as wearing a pair of sneakers, I opt for a classic pair of loafers.

Contrast Collar Shirt by ASOS | Vintage Watch by Arvike | Burgundy Tassle Aristocraft Loafers by Johnston & Murphy
Wayfarer Style Glasses via Ebay | Tie by Club Room | Tie bar by Alfani























A nice pair of leather loafers will become one of the most versatile shoes that you will own. Adding a very classic and clean look to a pair of jeans, these loafers are not to be put away end the end of the work week. The debate about going sockless is one of personal preference. If it is warm enough to go sockless or a very casual day at the office (depending on your place of work) go for it.

When putting together an outfit, I feel that the small details are the things that makes your look standout. There should be some level of consistency when putting together a look even if it is simple. For this look, the tailor fit of the shirts, jeans and even the slim silhouette of the Johnston & Murphy loafers are all pretty consistent.

Frequently, I get the question of my build and athletic ability because people often see me in “dress” clothes and assume that I might not be athletic. Here are a few detail about my fitness level and build.

  • I am 5 foot 9 inches tall
  • I weigh 165lbs
  • Bench press 260
  • I spent 13 years of my life competing in sports primarily in Track & Field from USATF level to NCAA.

Having this particular build definitely makes my clothes fit better because I fill out clothes well. It is my belief that if you take care of you body, your clothes will look great on you. Look out for more post soon with these loafers coming very soon.

Close up on the Johnston & Murphy Loafers
It's About the Details : Browns and deep burgundy colors compliment each other as well as navy blue
Sabir M Peele

Sabir M Peele

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