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Lumberjack with no hat to match
Lands End Lumberjack Jacket, H&M leather Gloves, Ritano Wingtip Boots, Scarf by Gap, Watch by Goer & band by J.Crew, Denim by H&M

Sometimes winter will surprise us with a “mild” (45 degree) day where you feel that a heavy pea coat or wool overcoat is too much. Finding an in-between weight and patterned coat can be a bit tricky, so when all else fails, look toward “what a mountain man might wear”? Here I chose the Lumberjack Jacket from Lands End.


When you think of a mountain man  usually you will think of a bearded and tattered gentleman (usually swinging an Ax). As you can see, I am a pretty clean shaven and what most people can call “clean cut” guy. The black and red checked pattern adds a charm that says, “hey it’s winter, but, I still know that I can look good”. To keep the look of the jacket a bit more casual go with a shorter length opposed to your longer trench or overcoat that are hanging in your closet.

Close up on H&M Gloves and Goer watch with J.Crew canvas Band


Add a few accessories like black leather gloves and a canvas strapped watch. In the first photo you will notice the Ritano Wingtip leather boots that I am wearing. The wingtip style will dress up a very casual look and at the same time still can be dress down to wear with denim. These boots will show up in a few more posts to show their versatility. The main reason for wearing the leather gloves on this day was primarily to remove the Christmas tree from my house and not end up looking like a porcupine.

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Lumberjacking the Christmas tree post Christmas



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